General Introduction


The operations performed with the aim of giving our nose a more beautiful appearance are called Nasal Aesthetic Surgery (Rhinoplasty). The functions of our nose should not beignored in surgical operations performed on our nose, taking into account its critical position in the middle of our face at the forefront in terms of our aesthetic facial expression. During Nasal Aesthetics, the functions of the nose and respiratory system, especially breathing and smell, should be protected and existing pathologies should be tried to be eliminated. Surgical interventions performed with this approach are called Functional Nasal Aesthetics (Functional Rhinoplasty).


Nasal Aesthetic Surgery (Rhinoplasty) is one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures throughout the world. For this reason, methods are constantly developing to obtain better visual and functional results as well as to provide a faster recovery period. For this purpose, Closed Nasal Aesthetics (Closed Rhinoplasty) and Open Nasal Aesthetics (Open Rhinoplasty) approaches are satisfactory in suitable patients. In addition, reinforced instruments such as Tour, Piezo, etc. are used during surgeries along with improved technologies.


With all this information and experience, Nasal Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty) can be satisfactory when applied with appropriate approaches without ignoring the functions of the nose according to the person's face proportions, nose and skin structure, and expectations.



Duration of Surgery: 120-150 min

Surgery Difficulty Level:4/5

Hospital Stay:1 day


Plaster cast:7 Days

Recovery Period:7 Days