General Introduction

What is Obesity Surgery?

Bariatric Surgery or as it is known as Obesity Surgery is the general name of interventions made to the digestive system to reduce the food intake capacity of the stomach and/or to reduce nutrient absorption in order to reach the ideal weight of obese and obesity patients.

It is not possible to talk about a single method or a single direct method in surgical intervention. Although the patients have come together on a common denominator in terms of weight, the situation of each body is unique. When determining a surgical method; The correct method is determined based on many factors such as the general condition of the patient, body mass index, and existing diseases.

As HealMe Turkey; we use state-of-the-art medical devices and systems in the field of Bariatric Surgery to analyze patient needs in the best way and to ensure that our patients meet with the right treatment.

Our Specialties

SADI-S (Duodenal Switch) Surgery

Obesity is one of the biggest problems of our time. In general, obesity emerges with a process that starts with a continuous cycle of weight gain and loss and continues with rapid weight gain. Trying to regulate sports or nutrition without professional help is quite difficult, even almost impossible, especially for an obese individual. With the developing technology, SADI-S surgery, which is one of the most effective methods in the fight against obesity, allows the patient to lose weight in a much shorter time in a healthy way. SADI-S is a comprehensive obesity surgery that includes intestinal intervention in addition to the classical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. At the same time, SADI-S is the name given to the advanced and modern version of the traditional Duodeal Swich surgery.

Gastric Balloon (Medenpro™ Intragastric Balloon®)

Gastric Balloon (Medenpro™ Intragastric Balloon®) is a frequently used treatment method in the fight against obesity. Gastric Balloon is a treatment based on rapid weight loss thanks to a silicone balloon placed in the stomach without surgery. Gastric Balloon is a treatment method that reduces the food intake capacity of the stomach by placing a silicone balloon inside the stomach, thus allowing the patient to lose weight much more easily. During the application, the patient is not under general anesthesia. Since there is no surgical procedure, the patient can return to his daily routine much more comfortably before and after the operation.

Diabetes (Transit Bipartition)

In recent years, many treatment methods, both surgical and medical, have been tried for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. With the stomach reduction surgery performed within the Diabetes (Transit Bipartition) Surgery, the problems of obesity and type 2 diabetes are solved with a single operation. Today, many surgical and non-surgical methods are tried for the treatment of diabetes. Among the surgical methods; there are operations such as ileal interposition, gastric bypass, transit bipartition. Gastric sleeve surgery can be applied in diseases related to type 2 diabetes such as obesity. Thanks to the treatment of type 2 diabetes, together with sleeve gastrectomy; the stomach volume is reduced and with the regulated intestinal passage, the patient's weight loss and type 2 diabetes are cured.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Stomach reduction surgery, in the simplest terms, is the removal of a large part of the stomach so that it remains in the form of a tube. What is desired here is that the volume of the stomach is reduced and it is a continuation of the esophagus. The stomach, which is like a continuation of the esophagus, has shrunk by about 80% and food intake is restricted. Since the part related to appetite is removed during the surgery, the patient starts to lose weight very quickly with decreased food intake and lost appetite. Gastric reduction surgery is performed with laparoscopy, which is a closed surgery method. In this surgery, which is one of the most effective methods in the fight against obesity, no operation is performed on the intestines.