What is the most common reason of hair loss?


What is the most common reason of hair loss?
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The most common known cause of hair loss is the androgenetic alopecia. This condition is seen in both men and women. Almost 70% of males and 40% of females might have problems related to hair loss at some period of their lifetime. The androgenetic alopecia is generally shown itself such as receding hairline and also loss of hair on the top of your head. This case is also known as male pattern alopecia. However, the symptoms are slightly different in female. It is seen as a weakening of all hair. Men with alopecia typically start going bald around their twenties while women generally start in their forties.

The genetic pattern of androgenetic alopecia is unclear because many inheritance and environmental factors are likely to be involved. This condition tends to group in families, however, and having a relative with hair loss appears to be a play role for developing the condition. In addidition researchers proceed to investigate the connection between androgenetic alopecia and other medical conditions.

The most efficent way for solving this issue is the hair transplant. It is performed by removing hair from back of your head that have active hair growth and transplanting them to thinning or balding areas of the front head. Multiple treatments might be necessary. The advantage of hair transplant comparing to the other solutions such as the wig or fake hair is that hair transplant looks more natural and it is permanent. Please check blog out about hair transplantation for more information.