Health Organizations in Turkey


Health Organizations in Turkey
Health Organizations Turkey istanbul

Health tourism, as a primary motivation, includes types of tourism that contribute to physical, mental and/or spiritual health through medical and healthy life-based activities, increase the capacity of individuals to meet their own needs, and enable them to take a better role as individuals in their environment and society. Health tourism is a general term that expresses wellness (thermal, spa, spaturism and medical (medical) tourism subtypes.
It can be said that Istanbul is the center of medical tourism, which is one of the sub-titles of health tourism in Turkey and defined by the World Tourism Organization as "a tourism activity that includes the use of evidence-based medical healing resources and services (both interventional and non-invasive)".
Istanbul has an important potential in terms of technology, infrastructure and personnel. Its historical and natural texture, geographical location and cultural assets also make Istanbul an attractive destination for medical tourism. Most of the hospitals providing services in the field of health tourism in Turkey are located in Istanbul. In Istanbul, which is in a central position in terms of medical tourism, significant progress has been made in health tourism with the cooperation of the accommodation sector, insurance sector, communication sector and other stakeholder sectors.